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Residential and commercial facilities use charged propane in bombes for cooking and heating. Butane heaters use 7kg or 13kg butane bombes. LPG is also used as raw material for butane cans, mixed together with odorants to prevent adolescents from inhaling it.
Taxies, RVs and other LPG vehicles employ butane as fuel. To facilitate ignition in winter, it is mixed with 5%~30% of propane.
Propane and butane are stored in a storage tank in industrial sites and farms, after which they are used for various purposes such as heating, drying, surface treatment, welding and cutting, as solvents, greenhouse cultivation and for generating carbon dioxide.
Propane is supplied to apartment complexes as raw material for city gas. It is also supplied via pipelines to large-scale industrial facilities.
Propane and butane are used as raw material for propylene, ammonia, and Maleic Anhydride.
Butane and evaporation-facilitating propane are injected into cosmetics, medicinal and insecticide cans to obtain vapor pressure.